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Starter sets start at $40 plus $0.15/mile travel (I hate charging for travel but gas is ridiculous!).


Standard Package:


2 poses in either 1 8x10 and 1 5x7, 2 8x10's, or 4 5x7's.


Expanded Package:


4 poses in either 2 8x10 and 2 5x7, 4 8x10's, or 8 5x7's.


Group Package:


For multiple dog/subject shoots on the same location, a group package is available. 4 poses per subject up to 3 individual subject shoots. The group package includes 4 8x10's, 10 5x7's, and 10 4x6's.


A La Carte after package pricing:

Prints or Hi Resolution File - $8 for each 8x10 and $3 for each 5x7.

Additional Hi Resolution File for previously purchased images - $2


For my canine clients, we may be able to meet at shows I am already scheduled to be at...the dogs are groomed and you save travel charges.


Some photo alteration is included (leash removal, basic touch ups) but additional alteration work starts at $20 for each 30 minutes.

To schedule a show shoot or an alternate location shoot, please email me via the 'Contact' page.


Unsolicited Candid Images:

Prints - $12.00 for 1 8x10 or $8 for 1 5x7 (plus postage)

Digital Hi Resolution - $10 emailed

Digital Hi Resolution on CD - $10 each image plus $5 for CD and postage costs

These are images taken in or outside the ring and are based on opportunity and at the photographer's discretion. Specific requests for shots will be considered a commissioned portrait and the package pricing applies.



$30 for 2 8x10's including postage

$22 per win for digital files



Weddings and parties can vary in cost depending on the length of the event, location, and the number of images.


A small wedding with a maximum 3 hours on site and all images on CD is $500. One photographer.

A larger event with a maximum 5 hours on site and all images on CD is $900-1200. One or two photographers.

Products such as wedding albums, canvas prints, and other finished items are on an a la carte basis and can be discussed during the initial consultation.





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create derivitive works at a later date.


Should any image, design, or artwork be published the artist/photographer must be credited either by ensuring the signature remains on the work

or by an associated byline credit.


No images may be copied from this site for use by anyone other than the author without express permission or purchase rights.

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